2022 is the year of options!

Since the beginning of the year, we have experimented and created multiple different colors for all the different moods and seasons imaginable and as a result, we’d like to present them to you today. We’ve come out with Framboise, Marine, Turquoise, Miel & Light Blue! To kick start the year, few weeks before Valentine’s day, we decided to put out our most romantic color yet: The Framboise Collection.

     la-soufflerie-laveno-montebello-vase-with-flowers   la-soufflerie-porta-candele-piccolo-framboise-candle-holder-vasela-soufflerie-amour-sans-anse-framboise-bud-vase

Just a few days later, we surprised you with the dreamiest blue you will ever lay eyes on, thanks to: The Marine Collection. A deep blue handmade with love and recycled glass only!


And as the weather slowly began to change, so did our blues, they became lighter, more resemblant of a summer sky. Therefore, The Turquoise Collection was born, giving us the freshness of the sunnier days that we were starting to miss.


As spring in Paris was redecorating our trees and flowers, we released our sweetest collection of the year: The Miel Collection, inspired by our good friends the bees, buzzing as they produce their richest honey.


& to finish off this 1st half of this colorful year; we released: The Light Blue Collection. It has been some of our client’s favorite this year. Inspired by the ice crystal blue waters, the shades of light blue spring skies & refreshing drinks by the pool.

They are all still available on the shop



Ladies & Gentlemen, For the past months we've been trying to keep a secret from you that we can no longer hide! It is now with immense pride and honor that we announce the opening of our first official shop in the center of Paris! Our boutique, at 7 rue de...

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The mystery behind our colors…

The mystery behind our colors…

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