The mystery behind our colors…

If you’re a creative and also a science geek – you’ll love today’s article. Today is a special day because we’re letting you in on one of La Soufflerie’s biggest pride: THE SOURCING OF OUR COLORS. Creating our colors is one, if not the biggest, part of what we like to do as an environment friendly organization. In order to make our artisanal handblown glasses and retrieve different color glasses, we are required to navigate from one place to the next in search of the right pigment that will embellish your homes.


Firstly, you need to know is that all of our classic transparent glasses also happen to be the base of all colors. Therefore no pieces can be created if transparent glass hasn’t been added to the mix. She’s the mother of all child. Transparent glass is sourced from window panes, car windows, water bottles, rosé bottles and basically any transparent glass that can be found on the market.

In order to start our creative process, every few months, we ask professional industry people, from hotels, stores, restaurants to construction sites to give us the glass which they can’t recycle anymore in order for us to create our unique pieces and give the glass the second life it deserves!


Secondly, we have our beloved green glass that is sourced using mostly drinking glass. From wine bottles to beer bottles, you name it, we recycle it! Next time you find yourself at the bar, ready to order your next brewski, just think of how what you’re holding in your right hand will soon transform itself into a sexy Porta Candele With Handle Green in the months to come…

Our Olive glass, resemblant to the green but with a touch of yellow, is sourced using wine bottles and champagne bottles! So, remember: Make it POP for the Olive Amour sans Anse


Then we have the smoky colors, our most mysterious color yet, a combination of tainted and transparent windows. Legend has it that the inimitable Freddie Mercury’s private car windows were used in the making of our Smoky collection and you can now hear him sing through the glass of the Smoky Vase Tête’s.


For the colors : light blue, yellow, turquoise, dark brown, framboise or marine; things start to take a more scientific turn as we use an oxide that is mixed with transparent glass to create the color of our choice.

To mix these colors we first break the transparent glass into small pieces and depending on the color we desire, we either add a colored glass or crushed up oxide into the mix. Then melt it all up and start forming our final product. It is during that highly scientific mixing process that we create variations of colors.

The magic that occurs when using glass as our main material is it’s very unique “limitless” quality! Did you know that glass is 100% recyclable? It is the only material out there that can be recycled over and over again without EVER loosing its purity or quality. Which means it can be recycled ENDLESSLY. Therefore, if you ever happen to be at a party, holding on to that empty beer bottle for way too long and suddenly smashing it onto the floor as you’re dancing your feet off… Don’t sweat it honey, that same glass will soon be transformed and be given the life it deserves! Perhaps as a Porte Bougie Smoky whispering the lyrics from “Love of My Life” by Freddie Mercury as you lay in bed reading that nice calming book you’ve been meaning to start reading since last Christmas…



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